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The public key cryptographic algorithms considered unsuitable for Internet of Things due to use of longer keys, stressful calculations and consumption of battery resources for 16bit processers. This paper presents a novel algorithm based on elliptical curve for securing communication between internet of things by use of single coordinate system of Elliptical curve cryptography. Though lengdre symbol or single coordinate system exist in mathematics literature, it’s use for securing IoT devices is fairly new. In the proposed system IoT device transfer one coordinate of public key with extra bit allowing to save 50 % of bandwidth and storage for IoT devices.  

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Darshana Pritam Shah, R V College of Engineering Bangalore India

Final Year Student Department of E& C Engineering R V College of Engineering Bangalore

Namita Pritam Shah, R V College of Engineering Bangalore India

Third Year Student Department of EI Engineering R V College of Engineering Bangalore India

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D. Shah and N. Shah, “Implementation of Digital Signature Algorithm by using Elliptical Curve p-192”, Ausjournal, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 1-4, Feb. 2019.


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