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Distributed ledger technology or block chain, is a progressing future domain, and accepting its constraint and boundaries will be serious to employing it into the Internet of Things or in any other technologies. Obviously, the security and trust and privacy issues will pitch in as well as other constrains. The Distributed ledger technology has drawn major attraction of the next-generation financial technology due to its security, and also it’s extensively used in the design of smart cities and other areas of business or industry throughout the world. In this paper, we will first discuss on block chain domain and its process and then focuses on possibilities of block chain security analysis threat occurrence and in the area of public domain where it’s attracting more and more hackers’ threats. This paper provides helpful guidance and reference for future research works.

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Pavan Manjunath, Jain University

PhD scholar in Jain University

Pritam Gajkumar Shah, Jain University

Professor Cyber Security Research Unit Jain University Bangalore

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P. Manjunath and P. Shah, “Exploratory Analysis of Block Chain Security Vulnerabilities”, Ausjournal, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 5-10, Feb. 2019.


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