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This paper re-examines the Samsung Knox enterprise-grade security solution that comes pre-loaded on most Samsung devices. Samsung has built Knox from the ground up and encompasses both hardware and software encryption and security policies. Knox DualDAR adds two separate layers of encryption, further meeting the requirements of classified deployments. Knox DualDAR secures all Workspace data on devices with two distinct levels of encryption. Data encryption at the outer layer is AES 256 XTS and file encryption keys are encrypted using AES-GCM 256.


Knox security, DualDAR, Encryption ,AES-GCM 256,AES 256 XTS.

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Mehreen Wafa Afnaz, DSU Bangalore

Working as Student in DSU Bangalore India

Ritika Sinha, DSU, Bangalore

Working as a Student in DSU, Bangalore,India

Rishabh Tiwari, DSU, Bangalore

Working as a Student in DSU Bangalore,India

Rishav Raj, DSU, Bangalore

Working as Student at DSU, Bangalore,India

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M. Afnaz, R. Sinha, R. Tiwari, and R. Raj, “Audit of Knox Security Protocols for Samsung Devices”, Ausjournal, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 65-68, Nov. 2019.


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