Australian Journal of Wireless Technologies, Mobility and Security 2019-12-13T11:20:20+00:00 Pritam Gajkumar Shah, PhD Australia Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Journal history ( Since 2011 serving researcher's)<br><br></strong>Ausjournal serves to disseminate to the public results of current and on-going works in various areas of computer sciences and engineering. It had taken initiative in August 2012 to setup editorial board and published its first inaugural edition in February 2012, and regularly publishing yearly issues. It has completed 7 years of service for upcoming researchers.</p> Implementation of Digital Signature Algorithm by using Elliptical Curve p-192 2019-06-13T16:49:41+00:00 Darshana Pritam Shah Namita Pritam Shah <p>The public key cryptographic algorithms considered unsuitable for Internet of Things due to use of longer keys, stressful calculations and consumption of battery resources for 16bit processers. This paper presents a novel algorithm based on elliptical curve for securing communication between internet of things by use of single coordinate system of Elliptical curve cryptography. Though lengdre symbol or single coordinate system exist in mathematics literature, it’s use for securing IoT devices is fairly new. In the proposed system IoT device transfer one coordinate of public key with extra bit allowing to save 50 % of bandwidth and storage for IoT devices.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> 2019-02-07T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Exploratory Analysis of Block Chain Security Vulnerabilities 2019-02-28T11:05:53+00:00 Pavan Manjunath Pritam Gajkumar Shah <p>Distributed ledger technology or block chain, is a progressing future domain, and accepting its constraint and boundaries will be serious to employing it into the Internet of Things or in any other technologies. Obviously, the security and trust and privacy issues will pitch in as well as other constrains. The Distributed ledger technology has drawn major attraction of the next-generation financial technology due to its security, and also it’s extensively used in the design of smart cities and other areas of business or industry throughout the world. In this paper, we will first discuss on block chain domain and its process and then focuses on possibilities of block chain security analysis threat occurrence and in the area of public domain where it’s attracting more and more hackers’ threats. This paper provides helpful guidance and reference for future research works.</p> 2019-02-08T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## A Survey on Real Time Database 2019-02-25T08:25:05+00:00 Krishna Shah Devansh Jani <p>Real time database supports variety of applications as per their&nbsp;performance and response time. Data management in Real time&nbsp;system has been maintained to produce fast turnaround query&nbsp;time. In this paper will explain what are real time database&nbsp;applications and its characteristics in respect with data and its<br>consistency. It further explains transactions and scheduling.&nbsp;Policy to sustain against deadlock is explained and measures that&nbsp;results in to concurrency are explained and comparison is shown.</p> 2019-02-21T13:16:53+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Advanced data analysis and data mining model for Internet of Things in smart city: A Survey 2019-02-14T13:24:34+00:00 Seema S Sushma B <p>Abstract— as information is a vital asset, it is important to improve information quality and increment the adequacy of the information. Presently a day’s exercises and basic leadership in an association depends on information and data acquired from information examination, which gives different administrations to developing solid and exact process. In any case, recognizing different parts of information quality from definition, measurements, types, methodologies, strategies are basic to prepare techniques and procedures for enhancing information. The genuine reason for poor information quality can be ascribed to an absence of supporting business forms and inadequate investigation procedures. Superb information can expand open door for accomplishing top administrations in an association. In the meantime information quality appraisal is a precondition for advising the clients about the conceivable employments of the information. This paper audits the work done on information quality evaluation to enhance the nature of the information and considered multi layer information digging model for Internet of Things to address the issues in information accumulation. Give answer for the open difficulties in information gathering layer by embracing proposed information quality evaluation process with input system for information quality that has great expansibility and versatility and can address the issues of IoT information quality appraisal.</p> 2019-02-14T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Cascading of RBFN, PNN and SVM for Improved Type-2 Diabetes Prediction Accuracy 2019-02-18T07:44:09+00:00 Krishna Swaroop Ramalingaswamy Cheruku Damoder Reddy Edla <p>Diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused by a defect in insulin secretion or action (or both) leading to hyperglycemia (high glucose levels) . Over time, hyperglycemia damages nerves and blood vessels, leading to complications like heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, nerve problems, gum infections and amputation. In order to increase the classification accuracy on diabetes data in this paper a dual-stage cascaded ensemble framework is proposed. This frame work has two stages, the first stage consists of simple Radial Basis Neural Network (RBFN) and simple Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN). The results from both the neural networks are combined and serve as inputs to the second stage classifier called support vector machine. The soundness of proposed framework is validated using Pima Indians Diabetes dataset. The Experimental results indicate that the proposed Dual stage network out performs individual as well as state of-the-art models.</p> 2019-02-15T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## A Survey: Prospects of Internet of Things (IoT) Using Cryptography Based on its Subsequent Challenges 2019-06-24T06:50:28+00:00 Dhruvi Mewada Nidhi Dave Prof.Rohan Kumar Prajapati <p>In Today’s era of information data plays vital role in communication, Security has been a ponderous affair for the professionals in any field. Security is not about only protection of assets but privacy and authority to access in legitimate terms too. Cryptography provides the functionality that protects and secures the data through its encryption algorithms and authentication to its end users. IoT has been most attractive topic/area in recent era. Privacy and security is an inseparable part of this technology. Which could affect in multi fold, so, the paper majorly focuses on four major challenges involving Security, Privacy, Compatibility and Connectivity of IOT and apprehension of IoT with its provided solution of using cryptographic algorithms.<br><br></p> 2019-02-15T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Machine to Machine Metamorphosis to the IOT 2019-02-18T07:45:36+00:00 Pavan Manjunathmin Dr. Pritam Gajkumar Shah <p>The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be the next group of Internet revolution linking more and more devices on Internet network or encouraging domain for next-generation communication systems. The data transferred by the machines or set device over the internet should be safely secured, and the data should be transmitted only to the intended system, then delivering the data to any another users or devices. The Machine-To-Machines and Internet of Things (IoT) communications are used in the wide-areas of applications such as transportation, smart grids, interactive education, e-healthcare, home area networks, agriculture sector. This paper will focus the Machine-To-Machines and Internet of Things (IoT) and the subset of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and also focuses on vulnerabilities and security prone issues, these paper will provide insight guidance and reference for future research works.</p> 2019-02-16T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Intra-Optimised Lightweight Enciphering Algorithm based on MQTT Protocol for Internet of Things Secure Application 2019-02-18T07:46:18+00:00 Ronald Chiwariro S Rajendran <p>Recent advances in technology have led to rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT) systems which incorporate numerous miniaturized low powered devices with large numbers of sensors and actuators collecting and exchanging data autonomously over the internet generating enormous amounts of data that needs to be secured. Traditional encryption algorithms are not suitable due to great complexity and numerous rounds for encryption and decryption operations. There is however a rising need for elaborate lightweight encryption algorithms with less complexity for optimum security in resource constrained communication networks. In this paper, a lightweight encryption algorithm called Intra-Optimized Lightweight Enciphering (ILE) Algorithm is proposed. The proposed scheme is complemented by watchdogs who are deployed in the clusters to achieve optimum security for the overall generated clusters at less cost and is simulated on Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol using Mosquito broker in Cooja simulator and the performance was evaluated. Results from simulations show that the proposed algorithm offers significant security, improved performance and power drain without compromising the quality of service and further a comparison was made with existing lightweight algorithms.</p> 2019-02-16T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Constructing An Appropriate Neural Network For Maximizing Sugarcane Yield In A Particular Region 2019-08-28T09:44:40+00:00 Rajesh S Budihal S Krishna Anand <p>With vast degree of industrialization there is a severe amount of depletion in the Levels of soil fertility which in turn could impact the growth of crops. Care needs to be taken to identify the right soil conducive for growing various kinds of crops. This work focuses on the ideal variety of sugar cane crop that could be grown in a particular type of soil in India which in turn could maximize the overall yield of sugarcane. An additional parameter dealing with the amount of sugar content has also been taken into consideration. The choice of an appropriate decision would go a long way in reducing avoidable losses in terms of both capital and effort. With this view in perspective, a wide range of artificial neural networks have been constructed and the results have been compiled. Besides, choices of appropriate training function and learning rates have been made.</p> 2019-02-18T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## A GAN model to produce Photo realistic Images via text command 2019-10-19T07:00:42+00:00 Chithra Apoorva D.A Neetha KS Dr Brahmananda S H Manmohan Kumar <p>In today’s era of Computer vision, Imagination can come true. There is a wide range of commercial applications for generating images via text commands. It’s just like you tell your computer to draw an art and your computer does it. This challenging problem has a solution with two staged Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) model. In this paper we propose two staged Generative Adversarial Network to generate a photo realistic image. The text command is the input for the first stage GAN, which outputs a very basic image with almost no resolution. This almost no resolution image undergoes sketch refinement. This output of first stage GAN and text description is fed as an input to the second stage of GAN. Second stage GAN generates high resolution photo realistic image. The second stage GAN rectifies the defective output image of first stage GAN recursively. We use the augmentation technique to ensure the smoothness of the image. Wide ranging experiments shows two staged GAN has a prominent growth on creating photo realistic images based on text description.</p> 2019-10-19T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## A Short Note On Whats app Security Protocol 2019-11-04T08:34:07+00:00 Suparna H S Pritam Gajkumar Shah Pinky B Ramya K S RAMYA SHREE KATTI <p><em>Abstract</em>—This paper stipulates the exact process of technical WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption system. WhatsApp android application is allowing people to Messenger allows people to exchange chats, group chats, images, videos, voice messages and files with limited bandwidth and computational power. All the communication in WhatsApp follows end to end encryption. Encryption is nothing but scrambling of the messages so that third party or hackers cannot get access for the same. The entire encryption process of WhatsApp revolves around three protocols namely AES 256, SHA 256 and ECDH protocol.&nbsp;</p> 2019-11-04T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Audit of Knox Security Protocols for Samsung Devices 2019-12-13T11:20:20+00:00 Mehreen Wafa Afnaz Ritika Sinha Rishabh Tiwari Rishav Raj <p class="Abstract">This paper re-examines the Samsung&nbsp;Knox enterprise-grade&nbsp;security&nbsp;solution that comes pre-loaded on most Samsung devices. Samsung has built Knox from the ground up and encompasses both hardware and software encryption and security policies. Knox DualDAR adds two separate layers of encryption, further meeting the requirements of classified deployments. Knox DualDAR secures all Workspace data on devices with two distinct levels of encryption. Data encryption at the outer layer is AES 256 XTS and file encryption keys are encrypted using AES-GCM 256.</p> 2019-11-11T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##